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Recreational vehicle owners all share a common theme when it comes to their equipment: they need a tyre that offers leading performance and uncompromising dependability. Our ATV and UTV tyres dig into the surface with their aggressive treads, leaving the competition's tyres in the dust. Our Titan and Goodyear Farm Tyre brands feature tires specially designed for your trail — from soupy bogs to sand dunes. Plus, we design our tyres for maximum durability, because the last thing you need is a flat tyre to leave you stranded in the middle of a trail.


Our Titan and Goodyear Farm Tyre brands feature industry-leading innovations for the ATV/UTV market. The Goodyear Farm Tyre brand offers Extended Mobility Technology (EMT). Tyres with EMT Technology have a tough insert that gives the tyre excellent puncture resistance and the ability to perform without air pressure for up to 50 miles at 25 mph. And our Titan brand features specially designed treads, along with durable construction, to give you reliable performance wherever the trail takes you.



  • Military based tread design 
  • Aramid belt for improved penetration resistance
  • Premium compound for stubble resistance and strength 
  • Center riding rib allows for a very smooth, durable tire for hard-pack surfaces and exceptional road-ability 
  • Aggressive outside lugs provide excellent traction 
  • T-Hawk HD is 5% heavier than standard T-Hawk for greater durability in demanding and abusive environments 
  • Made in the USA

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