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At Titan, we work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to develop customised solutions for a wide range of off-road equipment. Whether you already have specifications or need guidance to determine the best solution, our team of engineers can help.

Working side-by-side with your product and engineering teams, we take a collaborative approach to every product we make. With that approach, we can engineer and manufacture the highest quality products in the industry.

This kind of dedication to our customers has allowed us to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of wheels for agriculture, construction, forestry and mining industries. To date Titan has developed thousands of sizes and types of wheels.


Since wheels need to last the life of the equipment, we incorporate features that promote a long service life. This includes powder-coated components, high quality welds and durable steel. We can also provide a complete solution for wheel assemblies, because we are the only manufacturer of both wheels and tyres.

Growers rely on their agriculture equipment – including tractors, combines, grain carts, and sprayers to perform both on and off the field. That includes relying on durable wheel technology to support the weight of the equipment and its payload. Our experts take the hassle out of engineering by working with your engineers to create a wheel for your design.

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Contractors expect their equipment to perform in some of the most severe conditions. For example, operators regularly drive over many types of ground hazards while hauling heavy payloads. We help ensure that contractors can rely on your equipment by offering manufacturers a complete range of durable wheels designed for the construction industry.

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Wheels in the forestry industry need to be especially tough. They must resist damage when rolling over a range of obstacles – including gnarled roots, small boulders and tree stumps. It's the reason our wheels contain extra steel and a reinforced design. Equipment types and sizes can vary just as much as the work environments. That's why we offer numerous sizes of wheels built to withstand common forestry hazards.

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Mining equipment – including loaders and haul trucks – require some of the strongest wheels in the world. They need to support the equipment and several tons of valuable resources at the same time. Unforgiving terrain commonly found on haul roads and the floor of the mine adds to the need for quality wheels. Our engineers address these challenges by incorporating heavy-duty steel and features into our wheel products to maximize durability and equipment performance.

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