LS 150

  • For use on wheel loaders where high flotation and/or extreme traction is required
  • Specifically designed for use on a multi-piece OTR wheel
  • Open, deep tread pattern provides excellent traction in extreme conditions
  • Tread compound designed for increased resistance to tread chunking and tearing
  • Steel belted construction provides excellent penetration resistance
Name Tire Size Catalog Number Industry Code Load / Speed Index Load Rating Recom'd Rim Code Outside Diameter (mm) Overall Width (mm) Static Loaded Width (mm) Static Loaded Radius (mm) Flat Plate Area (cm2) Tread Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
725/70-25 LS150 16PR L4T TL 725/70-25 LT45M6 L-4T 189A2 16 22.00 / 3.0 1671.32 683.26 741.68 706.12 3923 57 316
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